Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wild Hair

In the middle of the night last night I spent about two hours online researching how I can become a school teacher in Virginia.

Why? Why the fuck would I do that!?

I'm worried about money. Like, a lot.

But after taking ten years off to raise kids (never mind the two years before that when I changed jobs three times because of moves) I'm not really qualified to do anything in my degree but an entry level job. (if that...who wants a 35-year-old "marketing girl"?)

Which I would hate. I at least have enough experience to know that.

I still want to be a stay-at-home mom. Desperately. I don't want to leave my kids during those all important before and after school hours.

Freelance writing works for me, (I've done it successfully before) but building a client base takes work and I don't have the energy or patience anymore.

Teaching seems like a good fit, because it would still leave me free for the summers. I've always enjoyed coaching (actually, I've always loved it...high stress though it may be).

I'm good with kids.

I'm just freaking afraid of them.

I could get a Masters in Teaching with initial liscensure and be a teacher in about two and a half years.

Which does nothing to contribute to our bottom line now.

I don't know. Is this something to think about?

Or have I gone off the deep end.

Me? A teacher? That's fucking insane.

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