Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dragged Off By My Hair

Recently, friends of ours traded in their Prius for a Lexus GS 460 SUV. Yeah, like this one.

The wife had been driving the Prius (her husband had been driving their Toyota Highlander Hybrid) so we were all teasing her about trading up to something fancy schmancy.

But she let us know that her husband would be driving the Lexus and she would be driving his old Highlander.

What the?

I'm sorry, call me old fashion, but I believe the woman should always drive the nicer, newer, safer, more luxurious car.

Okay, I realize I'm digging myself a serious hole here. I mean, I claim to be a feminist (but I'm a housewife...go figure) and I don't mean to be heterocentric (which spellcheck doesn't recognize as a real word), but come on!

What husband could handle watching his wife drive around in the worse car?

Do I just live under a rock? Is this a common thing?

Today I drove my husband's used Honda Civic to the grocery store. I came home feeling very spoiled and very grateful. And it wasn't just because I was missing my Mazda's (not Lexus) navigation system, leather seats, blind spot monitoring and snazzy paint job.

My husband has a way of...I don't know...

He has this way of taking possession of something, and then working it into the fucking ground. Now that I write that I realize that it goes way beyond cars.

I don't know why that is. Maybe it is partly just because he has an eh, it will be fine casual ass attitude about just about everything. Or maybe it is just that his nose doesn't work. (The smell of moldy coffee was so overwhelming in his Civic that I had to hold back the bile!) Or maybe it is just that he is destined to be hardworking, down to earth (and not fancy schmancy) his whole life.

I'm okay with that. As long as I get to have my luxurious things. And as long as I'm not one of the things he's taken possession of and worked into the fucking ground.

Call me spoiled (no really, go ahead and call me spoiled). Call me old fashion. But I love that my man can provide expensive violins, a nice car, a nice house, private school and then not resent driving around in a POS.

And I love even more that when I tell him I appreciate all those things he provides he tells me I deserve it. And when I point out that I don't have job and earn nothing and therefor really don't deserve it, he scoffs and tells me that I am doing the most important thing of all.

Hell, I had no idea just how caveman my tastes really ran until I wrote it all out.

I think I'll go put a bone in my ponytail.

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