Tuesday, April 12, 2005

All'a Y'all

I've told a few people recently that I've been struggling to write in my blog. I know that we all go through cycles, and I've definitely been on the downside of inspired lately.

I think it is mostly because the main source of my blog fodder isn't around to make fun of. (Sorry, Honey!)

But I've also just been down. Not depressed or anything. Just moody and not myself.

And then all of you step in and show me the light.

Last week, Pua sent my son a little gift. It was a potty book for boys. And one of the lines in the book is actually, "Boys sit down to poop." Which is perfect.

I've been waiting to blog about it because every time I sit down to post about it, I realize the book is in the same room as my sleeping son. There is no way I'm going to risk interrupting his naptime so that I can scan the cover of the book and post an audio blog.

Wait. What? Did I just say audio blog? Why, yes, I did.

This book has a button that when pushed makes the sound of a flushing toilet and a boy giggling maniacally. Apparently, Pua and her family found this sound hilarious. I find this sound in my nightmares. Do you have any idea how many time I've heard that demon child's maniacal giggle?

But it is worth it. Because the day after he got it, he pooped in the potty while the babysitter was watching him. And the next morning, he pooped on the potty again.

Woo fucking hoo. I love Pua.

Except, well, I guess I should have blogged about this last week after all, because today he has pooped in his pants twice. So we're on outfit number three, and I'm breaking that book back out of the drawer and letting him read it wherever we go.

Don't you just love a poop post? Aww, come on. Everybody loves a poop post.

But not as much as we love a Pua post. (Thank you, Sis!)

And then, when I got home from Dallas, I had a wonderful E-mail waiting for me from a reader I'll call M. She is a soon-to-be military wife and she thanked me for writing my blog. And it put it all into perspective for me.

It's hard to put your life on the Internet for everyone to see. Even when no one is judging me, I feel like my flaws are alarmingly apparent to anyone who cares to look.

But if I can help let one young military wife feel not-so-alone, then it is worth it. So very worth it.

And how wonderful for someone like that to write and let me know how she feels.

When you add in all the wonderful friends who have really gone above and beyond to put themselves out there for me, I am just very blessed.

I'm feeling sappy today. Say one nice thing to me and I just might explode my gooey-soft sentiment all over you.

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