Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tuna Girl is the Hostess with the Leastest

I hosted the squadron wives' coffee last night.

When I had signed up back around Thanksgiving time, I didn't know that my husband would be deployed now. With the help of my gay friends, I thought I could throw the coffee to beat all coffees. It would be a coffee with a real theme, and exotic coffee, and scrumptious treats in my beautifully decorated home. I'd even wear a dress.

But, no. Instead I decided to hire a babysitter and reserve a private room at a local Italian Cafe.

The commander's wife was thrilled with this idea. She thought some of the more shy wives (mostly the younger students' wives) might actually come to a restaurant as opposed to someone's home. And she thought it would be nice to show some of the new wives our local culture (or what amounts to culture here on the bayou).

So then why didn't she bother to show up?

I had decided to wear jeans and a fuzzy purple sweater. When I came downstairs, my daughter asked me, "Why aren't you all pretty?" Gee. Thanks, Honey.

But I'm glad I didn't try too hard to look nice, because exactly five people showed up, including me. And three of them were good friends of mine, including CB.

The commander's wife is also a military member, and she is being moved to a different base. She had been asking around for people to take over her "Commander's wife" duties and even asked for volunteers along with the coffee invitation.

I think she scared everyone away.

It was fine with me though. My friends and I had a really lovely dinner and we got to chat and catch up with one another. And I got to get out of my house and away from my kids for a couple of hours.

And that just may have saved me from going to the dark side.

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