Friday, April 15, 2005

Your Questions Answered

From Jack:

1. What is the thing you've done that you're most ashamed of?

Just recently, during an awful moment when my kid was throwing a temper tantrum, the wind caught my car door and slammed it into the car parked next to me. It left a small dent in the door of the brand new car. I got in my car, wrote a note with my number, and drove away without leaving it. I just couldn't bring myself to leave it and have to deal with a stranger calling me all pissed off.

You don't have to yell at me about it. Believe me. Enough people already have.

Without a doubt, that is the thing I am most ashamed of. I've spent my entire life avoiding trouble at all costs.

2. Did it involve any kitchen utensils?

Nope. Unless my van door is somehow useful in the kitchen in a way I'm not aware of. (Which is entirely possible.)

3. Do you like Grape Nuts Cereal?

I hate that stuff. It's like eating pebbles. My poor tortured teeth can't take it.

From rumblefish:

4. Is it true that blogging is just diary-keeping for exhibitionists?

Actually, I don't think that blogging is diary-keeping at all. At least not the kind of blog I write. I've never kept a diary or journal, but if I did, I wouldn't write anything like I write here.

But is blogging for exhibitionists? Eh. Probably. I'd never want to be famous, but it is nice to feel some connection with people who enjoy what I write.

I think it is very interesting that many bloggers are fairly shy in real life, myself included.

5. Do you think that nude photos enhance or detract from a blog?

Well, some blogs exist only to disseminate nude photos. And I am perfectly fine with that.

But when I'm emotionally involved in someone's blog and then he posts a picture of his penis...(you know who you are). Ack! My eyes! My eyes! I don't want to see that!

Most bloggers will give you fair warning and I can choose not to look. Or, umm, maybe sneak a peek when no one is looking. Either way, my overall sentiment is, "It's your blog. Do what you want. There are a million more out there if I don't like yours. Or I could even, I don't know, read a book or something crazy like that."

6. My shoes hurt. (I know that's not really a question per see, but it's something that I had to get off my chest).

I suggest you go bare foot. Start a new trend. I never wear uncomfortable shoes. (And that's one less real question I have to answer.)

From Chad:

7. Does your husband give you the best sex you've ever had, or have you had better?

The wonderful thing about our sex life is that it has gotten better and better over the years. I attribute this to the fact that we communicate very well and love each other completely.

So not only have we shared the best sex I've ever had, but right now (before the deployment at least) we're both having the best sex we've ever had. If we keep up at this rate, by the time we're fifty we're going to have to train for our sexual gymnastics.

8. Your favorite color?

Blue. No, green.

9. If you were a animal..(okay I just want to know the answer to the first one. But I know he reads the Blog so if you can't answer, you don't have to.)

Well, I answered it. But if I were an animal I would be Jeff's dog, or Pua's puppy, or Rick's cats, or Patrick's Ex's cats (because I've heard stories), or Aaron's dog, or Jim's dogs, or Jess and Marc's dogs, or the pet of any of you who have such huge hearts.

from Patrick (my former best friend):

10. What's the one sexually kinky thing you haven't tried that you want to try with the Tuna Hubby?

A male on male on me threesome. Are you up for that? Bring the poppers.

11. Have you tried watersports?

That depends on how you define watersports. I have never peed on anyone or been peed on. Oh, wait. There was that one time in New Orleans. Okay, I've never been peed on on purpose.

12. Exactly how do vou braise beef?

I fly in my Tuna Pet, buy him some meat, and tell him to get busy with that "braising" thing (whatever that is).

From Joel:

13. Who's your favorite blogger and why?

Jeesh! Talk about putting me on the spot.

I've actually thought a lot about this question today. All of the links under my Daily Reads heading are ones I read and enjoy every day. Some of those bloggers are also very good friends of mine.

There are also a lot of really wonderful blogs by really amazing people in the rest of my links who just might not update every day.

But to judge based on blog alone, I'd have to choose 1000 Words and More as my favorite.

Aaron's blog might best be described as a photo blog, but I think he succeeds where no one else has. His photography could stand on its own. And his writing could stand on its own. But the absolute genius of Aaron is that he marries the two together so well.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Amazing blog. Better man.

14. If/when you return to the working world, what career do you plan to pursue?

I know some of you will hate me for saying this, but I will never work again.

I'll probably be on the board of a few charitable organizations, and I do plan to write a book when the timing is right. I'll be involved with the kids' school. And I will also be much more involved on base as an officer's spouse.

Other than that, I'll be a Lady Who Lunches.

15. Would you be willing to be a surrogate (sp?) mother to either an infertile couple or same-sex couple?

Wow. Good question. I've been asked this question before and gave the instinctual answer of, "No. I couldn't do that."

I've thought a lot about it since then. And my answer remains the same.

Having carried two children of my own, I just don't think I have the strength to carry and bond with a child for nine months, and then give her away to her parents. I believe it is the most noble of gifts, and I respect any woman who can give that gift. But I just don't think I could do it.

I also couldn't put my husband through that situation. He worried for me constantly while I was pregnant. We've known too many people who have died in childbirth to take the process lightly.

But I would definitely consider donating an egg to a couple (especially a same sex couple). And especially if I loved them. But I'm turning 32 next month. Y'all better move fast if you want a piece of me.

From Alan:

16. What if the hokey pokey really IS what it's all about?

But it is, Alan. It is.

To take a silly question and make it way too sappy, for me taking the time to do a little dance with the kids is exactly what it is all about.

17. I don't think I know how you and your hubby met, so ... How did you and your hubby meet?

We met when I was 15 and he was 16. We both worked in a grocery store. I was a cashier and he was a bagger.

One night when I was working later than my mother (she worked at the same store) she asked him to drive me home. And history was made.

We dated for a few months in high school. Someday, we'll have to do a He said/She said post about our break up. By the time we started college, we were together again.

We went to colleges that were a couple of hours apart. His was mostly men and mine was all women. It made for an interesting four years together.

But to tell the truth, I think I knew deep down, even when I was 16-years-old, that he would always be family to me.

From JustaGirl:

18. Do you sing in the shower and if yes, what is your favorite tune to sing there?

I used to really belt out the tunes in the shower. But once I had my first baby I learned to tone down the singing so as not to awaken her and forfeit my shower time.

My husband and I always have a radio in our bathroom. I sing along to whatever is on the pop station. I may even dance a little too. Shhhh. It's our secret.

From Aaron:

19. What was the title of the porn that sustained the injury to your head?

My research indicates that it was a Taboo.

20. If you could live anywhere on the planet where would you want to set up house?

Again, you're all going to hate me for this one, but I already own a home in my ideal location. We inherited a house on Cape Cod with a beach on a small bay.

I fucking love that place. It represents all that is home and sanctuary to us. I love the seasons and the smell of the ocean. I love the excitement of the summer season and the quiet of the winter.

If I didn't have kids or a husband in the military, I would love to live in New York City. And we recently filled out a form that requested Australia and London as possible home bases for us.

Truthfully, I could live anywhere, as long as I get to be with the man I love.

21. What's one thing you would like to do but haven't yet?

I would love to learn to fly an airplane.

It's something my husband and I could share and it fits in well with our love of travel. We could buy our own little plane and visit our friends whenever we want.

From Bonnie:

22. What did you think being a military spouse would be like, and has it been harder than you thought, or easier than you though, or about what you expected.

Good question.

I had four years to prepare to be a military wife. I had mentors before we were ever married. But you never really can predict these things.

I had a college professor who was also an Army officer. He told me that being a military family was a lot like being an active part of our small college community. He told me that he thought I would be an excellent military wife because I was strong, intelligent, independent, and compassionate.

Ironically, my husband didn't think I would be a good military wife.

I think I thought it would be like being a member of a club. I thought that all of the wives would be good friends and do things together. I thought we would be moving once a year. I thought I'd go to luncheons and coffees and make small talk with the commander's wife.

I didn't think my husband would ever go to war. I thought that a war seemed unlikely for his generation. I think I can chalk that up to wishful thinking.

I thought we would be living overseas for many, many years. I thought I would be learning other languages and cultures.

All in all, being a military wife has been about what I expected. I have been lucky enough to make some of the most wonderful friends. I wish that the squadron wives' groups were more cohesive units and I wish that some wives didn't fall through the cracks when it comes to support. And I kind of wish that the official Officers' Wives' Club had a younger membership and more visible presence on base.

Every assignment is different and every assignment is what you make of it.

I can tell you what I didn't expect though. Much like my husband, I didn't think I would be a very good military wife either. I am much stronger than I thought.


Wow. What great questions, guys. But I've got to tell you, I won't be doing this meme again. Whew.

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