Friday, April 08, 2005

When the going gets tough...

...the tough get their asses out of town.

The kids and I are on our way to visit Mark and Brian in Dallas. I am really looking forward to getting a change of scenery and seeing one of my favorite guys and his phantom boyfriend.

I'm taking my son to the Grapevine Vintage Railroad for a ride on a real Thomas the Tank Engine. He is going to be in three-year-old heaven. I may not be able to drag him off the train when the ride is over.

And I'll take my daughter to the mall where she'll be in little girl heaven. She's such a little princess.

And we're all going to the Ft. Worth Zoo where both kids will be in little kid heaven because they'll get to spend time with Mr. Mark.

So, I'll see you all on Monday. And I’ll catch up on my E-mails and comments then too.

And by the way, it's time for me to get all sappy. Things haven't been going well for me lately, and so many of you have reached out to me and helped pull me along. The phone calls, E-mails, E-cards, comments and thoughtful gifts all mean so much to me.

But you guys topped it when you went over to Rose's blog and offered her the same kind of support. I felt like a proud momma.

One or two negative folks here and there could never diminish my love for the power of blogging.

*sniff sniff*

Has anyone noticed the PMS-induced vacillation in my last few posts?

Oy vey. Where's the Midol?

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