Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like picking a lock with a wet herring.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of writing for publications, websites and personal business. Unfortunately, that has kind of taken away from what I have to offer here on my blog. I only have so many words.

Words, words, words. I feel like I'm drowning in words. But my blog, as my first real vehicle for personal expression is special to me. I hate to ignore it.

Still, today I wrote an article for a website about our school and I cried all while I wrote it. It was draining. By the time I hit "publish" I felt like I had given birth, albeit to a teeny, tiny baby.

And just now I was interviewed for an article for a newspaper. If I thought writing was hard, being interviewed is even harder. Ack! I had no idea what to say! Although I think the reporter could have phrased her questions better.

As much as words feel like the enemy write now, I am thankful for them. Words...writing...is my only means of expression. I don't paint or draw. I don't sing. And I don't dance unless I've had a drink or two. Words are all I really know.

I need to stop giving them away for a pittance and horde them for myself. The thing about words is you never know when they'll dry up.

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