Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Up with Tuna Man

Today is our anniversary. Thirteen years ago (I thought it was fourteen years but had to count on my fingers) I married that kid with the mullet I met in high school. Thousands of hair cuts later, we're still in love.

I'm going to drive up to his office today for a daytime date. It's easier than getting a babysitter.

So I thought today would be a good day to share a little bit of what has been going on in the life of my man.

Tuna Man recently (finally) graduated from his master's program. Whoa. That sounds kinky. Let me rephrase. Tuna Man recently completed his master's degree in aeronautical science. And even though I...ahem...consulted on quite a few of his papers, I had no idea what his degree was actually in until I asked him yesterday. And he wasn't even sure.

But it doesn't matter because this means that in seven years when he's ready to ditch this military life (Can you believe he is eligible for retirement in seven years? Bitch is old.) he has a degree that will help him get started in a second career.

And then we'll be rich. (Let me live with my illusions, please.)

In other Tuna Man related news, he recently answered the call to coach Little Tuna Boy's soccer team. He's been so nervous about it, which is really cute. (I wonder if he thought I was cute when I was sick to my stomach about coaching softball? Hmmm?)

Last night was their first practice. Some of those kids were damn good (better than our kid, for sure) and they kept Tuna Man on his toes. It was so cute to see my man interact with these boys. And it made me wonder just what he's like at work (or at least at his old work where he spent most of his time teaching).

Oh, speaking of teaching, Tuna Man is also considering teaching in the school he just graduated from. Isn't that funny? Get a degree and turn around and teach? But supposedly, they need people.

And then we'll be rich. (What? Illusions, people. Illusions.)

In other get rich quick news, Tuna Man also was recently certified as a hockey referee. Now that I can totally see. Without experience he can only ref for little kids and adults, but he'll look so cute in his striped shirt. Like he worked a Footlocker.

And then we'll be rich.

Huh? I hadn't realized just how busy Tuna Man has been. (No wonder the lawn needs to be mowed.) (No that is not a euphemism.) (Or maybe it is.)

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