Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stage Mom, Classic Style

This should be cool.

My daughter was asked to play a violin solo in a community concert Sunday.

She's played plenty of solos in concerts before, but never in one that was free and open to the public. Before it has always been for nursing homes or in-house at our strings school.

For some reason, her teacher asked her to play a brand new song that she only learned to play a couple of weeks ago. Of course, last week it sounded awesome.

This week? Not so much.

This kid kills me. Kills me! She is seriously going to be the cause of the heart attack that finally ends my time here on earth.

To add to the pressure, her soccer team decided to reschedule their Sunday practice and come to the concert as a team to support her. She doesn't know this yet. (How incredibly sweet was it for her coaches to do that?)

Oh! And just for good measure, since my son played his newest song so well at his lesson on Thursday (and since so few ensemble players showed up for the official concert rehearsal on Thursday) his teacher asked if he could have that prepared to play on Sunday too.

We had a mock concert in our living room tonight so the kids could play all the group pieces together and my daughter could play her solo. And it went...not well.

Oh, the pressure of being a stage mom. Who knew it would be as bad for the parents of classical violinists as it is for the parents of pop princesses?

P.S. I'm venting here so as to NOT vent to the kids and make them nervous.

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