Thursday, September 09, 2004

Balancing Down Memory Lane

I try to keep my blog balanced.

Sometimes it's silly, sometimes it's serious. It's even been morbid. Sometimes it might even be sweet.

Lately it's been silly, and so I wanted to write something poignant about my life today. But it's not going to happen, my friends. I am in an incredibly silly mood. I want to blow kisses to the world. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (Ha. I feel like a beauty queen.)

Yesterday I ended up being alone in my house for a while. This is a very rare occurrence. We've been on a cleaning sweep, so I tackled a box of "memorabilia" (or so I labeled it).

I used to save every little ticket stub and love note. But over the years, a lot of that stuff has seemed less important to me and I've pared it all down to one small box. I haven't opened it since before our last move. Opening it up yesterday was like taking a walk down memory lane.

There were t-shirts inside. My softball coach made one for me. It says "From twirling to hurling!" She once said that her greatest accomplishment as a coach was taking a baton twirler and turning her into an intimidating pitcher.

There was a t-shirt from my last year of playing intramural volleyball in college. It has my maiden name across the shoulder, and my present last name in parentheses beneath. I think that's pretty cute.

There were awards, scholarship certificates, and plaques that I never remember winning.

Apparently, I am a member of two honor societies from college. I have no recollection of that. I need to google them and see if they do anything worth while.

I found my class book from college. My quote was, "To be perfectly honest with you know what I mean?" Okay. That sounds like something I'd say. Some of the other things I mentioned are men in uniform (with an exclamation point) (ummm..typical), and partying with C and J and E. Now I know who C and E are. But I have no idea who I meant by J. Maybe it was C's girlfriend. But I hated her. (And vice-versa) Maybe I was just keeping C happy by mentioning her. Who knows.

I found my college recommendation letters from my high school. It is amazing to me how well those teacher and coaches really knew me. At the time, I was just making sure that they mentioned all the important stuff I had done. But now, looking back, I am impressed that they saw me for who I now realize myself to be. Ah, growth. You gotta love it.

Okay, guys. I'm out. Hugs and kisses to every single one of you!

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