Thursday, October 20, 2005

Barrett Foa is a Great Guy

There. I said it. Maybe that will assuage the guilt I've been feeling.

This summer, I wrote about a trip to NYC. In that post I lamented that I did not suffer from genital herpes. I really wished that I did, because the people in those Valtrex commercials look so damn happy.

And while criticizing a performance of Avenue Q (which was kind of bitchy of me; it wasn't that bad) I supposed that maybe Barrett Foa had genital herpes, since he was really vivacious.

Ah, shit. I just did it again.

The problem is that since then, this blog has received an inordinate number of links from web search tools asking the question, "Does Barrett Foa have herpes?"

So let me set the record straight. No. Barrett Foa does not have herpes.

Or at least not that I know of.

Barrett Foa is adorable and healthy and nice and rich and talented and smart and a great lay.

Or so I assume.

I'd feel worse, except that I screwed myself with the very same post.

Admixed all that talk of genital herpes and coldsores, I linked to a picture of Aaron, my husband, and me. And now every Google image search for "genital herpes sufferers" or "coldsores" or "sick twisted fucks" comes up with a picture of the three of us.


Just put me on a poster for VD and call it a day.

And if Mr. Foa's lawyer calls, tell him I've left the country.

(And a word of warning: Do not, EVER, under any circumstances search Google images for the words genital herpes. Believe me.)

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