Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Handy Man Can

When I came home from the Cape this summer, I noticed that my husband had installed a lock on our bedroom door. That's probably a good idea.

Tonight I was sprawled on my bed talking on the phone and I noticed something.

There are two eye hooks in my ceiling now.

Hmmm. Those weren't there before.

So I asked my husband, "Where did those hooks come from?"

He blushed bright red and answered, "No comment."

I think someone had plans. I wonder what they could be?

"Were you planning on hanging some plants?" I asked.

"No comment," he replied.

"Did you buy us a sling?" I wondered.

"You think those two hooks could hold you?" was his incredulous question in response.

I think he should have stuck with the, "No comment."

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