Monday, October 24, 2005

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "F"

Was it my imagination, or did I just see John Tartaglia on Playhouse Disney?

Someone had told me that he was doing a children's show, but somehow, I wasn't expecting Johnny and the Sprites.

I mean, it's the story of a musician who moves into his uncle's secluded treehouse, who then finds himself singing and cavorting with fairies.

Okay, so they don't call them fairies. They call them sprites. But they have wings and are therefore the same damn thing in my book.

I figure at some point, some good little republican/Christian mother is going to Google John Tartaglia and find pictures from Broadway Bares and descriptions of the puppet sex in Avenue Q, and she's going to have herself a fine righteous time organizing against Disney for the havoc they're reeking on our children's souls.

Hell, this is the company that allows Gay Days (unofficial though they may be) to happen at their theme parks and offers domestic partner benefits. (Do they, actually? I'll have to check into that.) Robert Iger must be sitting at the right hand of the devil for sure! (For those of you who only know who you are...that was sarcasm, people.)

As for me, well, is it wrong that I'm trying to sneak a peak at John's ass or package while my kid is singing along to "I Can't Wait"?

It seems wrong. I've seen what this guy did with that puppet on stage.

But mostly I'm just glad that he's doing something. And he has a nice voice. And the songs are irritatingly catchy. (Though for some reason, I've been singing "I wish I could go back to college..." all afternoon.) And he's cute. Though he was a lot cuter from row J.

It's all good to me. If my kid hasn't been corrupted so far by sleeping with a Human Torch doll (Flame on!), his preference for Princess fruit snacks, or his Uncle Patrick, I think he's safe.

Come to think of it, those are Disney Princess characters he's chewing on.

Damn evil empire.

P.S. I love you, Disney company. I think you're keen. Would you like to turn my blog into a movie or television series? Thanks for your support.