Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Into the Who?

Since we had so many parents hanging around, my husband and I went to a movie last weekend. We saw Into the Blue (Told ya I'd see it as soon as it came out.)

We went to the brand new, super nice, river side movie theater. We bought tickets online beforehand because they always sell out. Except we were sitting waiting for the movie to start with only about twenty other people.

"This isn't a good sign. Especially on a Friday night," said my husband.

But I was optimistic. Any movie with Paul Walker and Jessica Alba in bathing suits can't be all bad.

My husband would disagree. He said it was the worst movie ever!

I disagree. I've sat through Starship Troopers more times than I can count, just so he could see that curly-haired chick's boobs.

But Into the Blue isn't exactly Gone With the Wind.

Still, on the way out, I announced to anyone within ear shot, "That was totally worth it!"

I'd pay $9 to see Paul Walker brush his teeth for two hours, as long as he was wearing the same low slung board shorts. There were a couple of times during that movie when I couldn't even breathe. Damn, that boy is hot.

And what did my husband announce to anyone within ear shot as we exited? "They didn't even show her boobs."

That's what he gets for seeing a PG-13 movie.

Don't worry for him though. He got to see some boobs later that night.

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