Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pointless Posts, Sparkle and Happy Linking

My husband had to leave town on short notice. He'll be in Vegas for the rest of the week so don't worry for him. You should worry for me though, stuck in this messy house with one child who is overly emotional and one who has clearly been possessed by Satan!

I may have to kill someone this week, and it just might be over a Pop Tart.

But in the meantime and in homage to the master...

Tuna Girl's Online Pointless Fact #1

I never buy the same deodorant twice in a row.

I don't just mean the brand name. I never buy the same type of deodorant twice in a row.

I have no reason for this other than that I like variety.

But I was really looking forward to using up my Soft and Dry solid so I could move on to something fresh.

I chucked it with a few applications left on the stick and eagerly opened my Secret Platinum soft solid fresh shower scent.

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

It's the creamy type that squeezes itself up through the holes at the top. Except the plastic top piece popped off and I got deodorant cream everywhere. And I do mean everywhere! (It gives a whole new meaning to creaming your panties.)

My husband picked me up a fresh stick while he was out. I told him to pick any kind. I didn't care.

He picked up a Secret Platinum clear gel. Berry sparkle scent. (My god! It has its own web site!)

I'm wearing deodorant from a glittery package! And I smell like Tinkerbell perfume.

Suddenly I'm 12-years-old again. I'm wearing a size 32B bra, braces, and a facefull of zits. But I'm bopping out to Murray Head and Salt-N-Pepa. So it's all good.

Man! I buy him a deodorant that smells so good it makes me want to get naked, and he buys me teeny bopper sparkle?

I guess he'll be ready to buy my daughter her first hygiene products in a couple of years.

Now I'll just have to teach him about Maxi Pads.

Have you seen those Always Happy Period commercials? Give me a break! (My god! It has its own web site too!)

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