Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frumpy Square Peg, Bitchy Round A-Holes

The people who love and care about me have one job for the next year.

They have to remind me over and over again that I didn't like the people at our old school at first either.

Man, there are some snooty parents at the new school. Some have been outright rude! (Misty is thinking well, yeah! right about now.)

I think there is always a danger when you choose a private school that the level of snot will outweigh all the other benefits. The majority of parents I've met in the last couple of days have made me start composing applications for the other schools for the 2009-2010 school year.

But I keep reminding myself, the kids loved it there. This school was one of our top choices because the students there just seemed so happy. The staff and teachers weren't snooty. They were great!

Just because I don't fit in with the private school moms doesn't mean my kids won't be happy there.

And hell! I didn't fit in at the old school either. It took me three or four years to make some really good friends there. And some of the moms I had pegged as the most snooty early on turned out to be not just good friends, but some of the best people I have ever met.

My husband says, "Just be yourself and smile and do the things you always do and you'll eventually find the worthwhile people here too." I know he's right. It takes people a while to see past my exterior. And it takes me a while to overcome my shyness. I know that there are rich people who are good people. I just have to find them.

But it's going to be damn lonely for a while.

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