Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The boy had his first real baseball practice tonight and loved it. His coach is great (and I'm picky!) and my son is stoked.

The girl is graduating from Book 2 of her violin training next week. We have worked so hard for this. She's playing five songs solo in a recital to celebrate. And her violin teacher is awesome and one of my favorite people.

I've got a signed contract for their new school and the deposit is paid.

Spring is on its way and my husband has been preparing our lawn.

All of these things make me very, very happy.

In celebration of my happy, here are some happy photos.


The girl in her school talent show.

The boy accepting applause at the school talent show.

The kids and my husband before the Final Mile race at the oceanfront.

The kids on the beach after completing their mile race.

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