Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Serious Fun

Almost twenty years into our relationship and I can still learn new things about my husband.

He took the day off work yesterday to take care of some errands. He dropped his car off at the shop and we spent the day together taking care of mundane tasks. I think it says something about us that we can still just enjoy going to Home Depot together or sitting in carpool line.

When we are alone for any stretch of time, I like to torture him by quizzing him about our past and his feelings. He always teases me about dumping him in high school and wearing plaid pants back when I was a skinny little shit.

But yesterday, while teasing him about our pathetic first date I asked him, "So, when you scored your first date with me, were you really excited? Like, woo hoo?"

He glanced at me and asked, "Do you want an honest answer or should I tell you what you want to hear?" He asks me that a lot.

Of course I chose honesty.

"I don't remember," he told me. "But I do remember having a lot of fun with you."

In fact, he went on to tell me that he remembers always having fun with me, more than anyone else.

That amazes me, because if we have ever had any real problem in our marriage it was that we didn't have enough fun together. So much so, that in the last two or three years we have made a serious commitment to have more fun together.

Yes, I just said a serious commitment to have more fun.

He also went on to say that I was always just easy to be with.

"Ha!" I yelled at him. "And you claim that I'm high maintenance."

"No, I don't." he shook his head.

"Oh, my god!" I screeched in that way that only offended females can. "You so do!"

"Well, you're not," he admitted. "You're easy to be with."

I haven't thought of myself as fun or easy to be with in a long time. I'm so glad my husband needed to take a day to get his car fixed and mow the lawn.

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