Friday, November 10, 2006

Answers and Questions

Here are some things you might not know about me. Since I'm sharing (and I'm boring), I think you can answer some questions too. Use the comments.

1) I am extremely competitive. When I play sports I work myself into a vile hatred of the members of the opposing team. If I'm running a race, I want my competitors to trip, fall, knock themselves unconscious and maybe even pee themselves in the process.

This competitive nature bleeds over into every aspect of my life. In the past I've done things--major things--only because someone said I couldn't. Have you ever wondered why I don't have any really big name bloggers over there in my sidebar? Because I hate them.

But when it comes right down to it, I don't think most people can tell just how competitive I am.

Question: What is your worst personality quirk? The one you're most ashamed of, but maybe secretly proud of at the same time.

2) I've become hooked on Postsecret lately. I get a voyeuristic thrill out of reading other people's secrets. Though I wonder how many of them are fabricated for dramatic effect.

Every week when I check out the site, I start composing my own postcards in my head. But I don't have any secrets. So I fantasize about revealing other people's secrets. For some reason, people trust me with their most private thoughts.

Maybe they trust me because I am trustworthy. The writer in me may be composing in my head, but the person in me would never reveal a thing.

Question: Have you ever sent a postcard to post secret? Would you? Have you ever told someone else's secret?

3) When I was in my mid-twenties and it was looking like we might not ever get pregnant, I seriously considered joining the military. I was already living the lifestyle, living and working on base. Why not make it official and become a dual-military couple?

Two things held me back. One, if I did get pregnant, I knew I'd be stuck working. And two, I was afraid of what job I'd be assigned. Logically, it would make sense for the military to keep me in the same career field--marketing or public relations. But the military is rarely logical.

At the time, they were so short on pilots that if you were qualified, they'd send you to pilot training no matter what. And that would have been me. With my husband as a navigator and me as a pilot, the chance of us being stationed at the same base was slim.

I think I would have been a good pilot and officer. But I knew it would break my husband's heart. He swore he would support me. He swore he'd be proud of me. But can you imagine having to watch you wife live your dream? When she didn't even care about it that much in the first place.

Besides, I was terrified to go through water survival, wilderness survival, and POW training.

So many of my friends are struggling with fertility. It is heartbreaking. I am incredibly thankful that we were able to conceive with relative ease.

Question: Have you ever chosen a path out of sheer desperation? Have you come close? Do you regret it?

Your turn. Go.

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