Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poor, Poor Tuna Man

I wanted so badly to write something after the kids went to bed last night. But my poor husband was just miserable, so I spent my time comforting him.

He left this morning on a TDY (business trip). It's supposed to be a cushy one. They're going to put on an Air Show display in Vegas. I'm picturing mornings on the tarmac signing autographs for starry eyed kids and night's on the strip drinking JD and tipping starry eyed strippers.

But with one thing and another, this trip is turning out to be tortuous for him. He has been DE-pressed.

His comforting started out with a trip to the grocery store. And now I'm left with half a box of Krispy Kreme's, the better part of a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a quarter bag of tortilla chips and an empty house.

It's the PMS special on crack.

Luckily his comforting finished out with some really great see-you-next-Thursday sex, or I'd be diving head first into that ice cream right about now.

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