Friday, December 19, 2008

Leave 'Em Crying

I've only made one friend here and she happens to be the kids' violin teacher. But I like her a lot. Except for her doctor husband and her musical talent and her rockin' bod and her beautiful house in a hip neighborhood and her free pre-kids lifestyle, we're just alike.

She should have a name here on the blog, I suppose. "The kids' violin teacher" gets laborious. I think I'll go with VG.

A few weeks ago, VG asked me an innocent question about how I enjoyed a violin workshop and I shocked myself by breaking down and crying for a good twenty minutes. It was mortifying!

She was great. She hugged me and agreed with me. And she has even taking care of my problem, since it was within her power and she's like that. But I'm still embarrassed.

So last night when we gave her a Christmas gift and she started to cry, I laughed at her.

"Ha! It's your turn to cry!" I said with a smile. And she started to laugh.

But I have to say, vindication aside, I was touched that she was so touched.

Since she loves to cook and has a brand new kitchen, we decided to decorate an apron for her. My son made thumbprint bugs and my daughter made flowers with thumbprint centers. We paired it with a cookbook by her husband's favorite hotty.

There is no better feeling in the world than giving someone a gift that is a hit. At least not for me.

For helping us to grow...

...with happy hearts.

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