Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I rock. I admit it.

Yesterday my daughter got an e-mail from one of her best friends back on the bayou.

This friend was a really nice and polite girl. She was also very smart and athletic. She was the daughter of two of my best friends and she played on the softball team I coached.

Part of her e-mail read (and I quote), "We’re thinking about softball. Your mom was the best coach. I can’t believe you moved. No one was better than your mom."


I have to admit that made me smile. My week so far has had a theme and it is...

I rock!

My husband's been teasing that I'm going to hang the e-mail on the fridge. Heck, I just might. We all need an ego boost every now and then.

And frankly, not enough people realize how much I rock.

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