Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wake Up Call

Bring!!! Bring!!

"Hello. Tuna Family International. This is Tuna Girl speaking. How may I help you?"

"Woman! Get your shit together!"

"Okay. Yes. Thank you for calling. Have a nice day."


As I was leaving the house this morning to take the kids to school my husband said, "This is the first step in a lifetime of changes. I'm proud of you."

Now, he is not one to make these kind of pronouncements. At all. So when he does, they really stick with me.

All I was doing was joining a new gym, but it does feel like change is abounding right now. My husband will finally be starting his new job in a couple of weeks. My parents have joined a gym and lost twenty pounds between the two of them. And I'm revamping the way this household works.

Maybe it is the Spring weather. Or maybe it is the alignment of the stars. (My horoscope says March will be a month of change.) Or maybe it's just that we got enough wake up calls to get our acts together and get proactive about our lives.

Is it just me or is there change in the air? Can you feel it too?

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