Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Burning Down the House

"So what's the plan?"

It's a question I've heard from my husband a thousand times before. I guess it makes sense seeing as he is a military man and all. (Come to think of it, he actually specializes in planning.)

This time, his query was followed by a suggestion.

"Shall we fire bomb the house and just move?"

Good suggestion, Baby.

I think anyone who spends Christmas with kids can understand that post-Christmas chaos of new toys and packing materials that never seems to go away. And anyone who knows me understands that when my house is messy, I am moody. So I was all over that suggestion.

"Sure! We can move into field grade housing and I get all new stuff. Sounds like a plan to me. In fact I think I subconsciously tried to do just that with the tea pot last week!"

It's true. I almost burnt the house down on my son's birthday. For real. That's how things have been going for me lately.

I woke up that morning and felt the need for instant coffee. So I turned the kettle on. I then left base to take the kids to school. But I forgot my purse (with my military i.d. in it, of course) so I had to go to the base Visitor's Center and call my husband to bring it to me.

I went home for a few minutes and then set out again to complete the thousands of tasks that needed to get done that morning.

When we came home after my son's birthday party my husband asked, "Did you know the kettle is on?"

Well, duh. Of course I didn't. The whistle and handle had melted and the metal was scorched. Thank goodness Marc and Jess gave me a Hot Shot for Christmas or I'd have been sans coffee all Christmas break. (Thanks, guys! My husband thanks you too.)

For now the plan is to try not to burn down the house. The plan is to clean and organize and get back in the groove. The plan is to revel in how cute the kids are playing with the new scooters Santa brought them.

The plan is to make it to New Years.

Anyone else have a plan?

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