Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vindication via TiVo, Sort of

For years--and I mean years--my husband has been making fun of me for the way I play Odds or Evens.

When we were kids and something had to be decided my brother and I would always shoot odds or evens. We would hold our hands behind our backs say, "Row, sham, bow," and shoot.

The first time the opportunity to shoot for something came up with my husband, I naturally sang out, "Row, sham, bow," before I shot out two fingers. He looked at me in horror.

"What the hell was that?" he asked.

I explained about my brother and "Row, sham, bow" and he declared me insane.

"You're supposed to say, 'Once, twice, three,' before you shoot. What kind of weird ass childhood did you have?"

But tonight while he was taking a bath, I was watching My Boys on TBS and they said, "Row, sham, bow." Vindication! I'm so glad we live in the age of TiVo. I hit record as fast as I could and waited for him to come downstairs.

I sat there with a huge self-satisfied grin on my face as they said the line.

"Ah ha! See? Row. Sham. Bow!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked me, again giving me that look.

"Row, sham, bow. See. I told you we weren't they only ones to say that. Vindication, Baby!"

"Ah, Honey. I hate to point this out to you but you said you and your brother always said, 'Sha, sha, sha, bang.'"

"No. No. It was 'Row, sham, bow.'"

"Hon, it was 'Sha, sha, sha bang,' Believe me. I remember."

"Row. Sham. Bow?"

Damn it all! He's right. I did claim to always say, "Sha, sha, sha, bang." But I'll be damned if I tell him that.


Side note: Tomorrow is Little Tuna Boy's 5th birthday. His outdoor party is getting rained out. And we'll be taking a trip to the doctor's office because he has an ear ache. Poor little guy.

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