Friday, September 23, 2005

Not tonight, honey, I have an overdraft.

Last night I refused sex.

I know. I know. When does that ever happen?

But I was in the middle of something big. Last night I went back over our finances for the past year. I've been letting things slide for quite a while. In fact, I've let things go to hell in a handbasket ever since my surgery last November, and it is starting to bite us in the ass. Actually, it's taking huge, gnashing chomps out of my ass.

So I went over and reconciled every single financial transaction we've made in the last year. One by one. It was excruciating. But I was committed to getting it all done in one night so that I could finally shake my financial panic and move forward.

So when my husband asked me if I wanted to "take a break" while he winked and made that little come hither clicking noise that he does, I just couldn't tear myself away from our impending financial ruin enough to participate.

"Tomorrow," I told him. "While the kids are at school."

It's a damn good thing I got my nooner nookie today, because I don't think I'll be seeing him for a while. He and his aircraft are being evacuated out because of the storm. So he gets to go somewhere safe, and the kids and I are going to be weathering this thing on our own.

He damn well better be back before all of our parents arrive for his promotion ceremony. If not, he might not have a wife to come home to. I just might implode from stress.

**On a related note, why do I find it impossible to masturbate while the lawn guys are mowing my grass.

Sometimes being a military wife isn't so freaking fun.

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