Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An Ode to My Blog

Oh, blog of Tuna green and blue
Why have I deserted you?
Where once there was sex and randy muse
Now there is nothing but blog abuse

What happened to the funny stories
Of puking kids and horny fairies
Of critters taking reign of my house
And attics filled with poop of mouse?

There was raunchy sex and porn on cue
Hot guys and asses and boobs for you
There were trips to Mexico and N.Y.C.
Shows and movies and plays to see

But now, dear blog, just like me
You sit in obscure lethargy
Car pool, bills, parents and such
Boring, boring but still so much

It's time to take things back, I think
To innuendo, wit, and poignant kink
After all, dear blog, you've given me
I owe you big, I'm sure you see

But sometimes I just have to breathe
Good stories take some time to weave
Very soon now, I'll try my luck
I'll have more to write once I fuck

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