Friday, September 09, 2005

Ready normal people?

Sometimes I wonder about my neighbors.

The people next door to us have a window-filled sunroom that faces our sunroom. They use their sunroom as an office, and every night when I glance out my upstairs window before closing up for the night, I see the blue glare of their computer screen.

If they're writing a letter on Word, I can almost read it. If they're balancing their checkbook with Quicken, I can tell. If they're checking their e-mail, I know how many messages they got.

So here's the question that has been bugging me all year.

How the hell do they surf porn? Because, man. Why else do we have the Internet? Blogging is only something to do while the really good porn loads. Right?

Do they not look at porn? What kind of freaks don't look at porn?

And if they are the kind of people who are too uptight for porn, how do they feel about living next to us?

I need to check on just how much the noise from our bedroom filters outside. Yeah. I need to do that right now.

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