Monday, April 26, 2004

Changing His Tune

My husband came home from work last Friday night and mentioned that he had seen something on TV about blogs. Yup. They watch TV at work. Last week they watched American Idol while they studied.

Anyway, he said, "You know that Star Trek freak...the young one...he has a blog."

"Will Wheaton. I know. Everybody does." I replied.

"Yeah well, he got a book deal out of it." And so the great shifting of the mind has begun.

Since college, my husband has had this absolute belief that I would publish a book someday. I wish I shared his confidence. Back then I never intended to be a writer, but over the years, with all the poking and not-so-gentle prodding I've at least started thinking about it. I wrote freelance for a newspaper for a while and during his last deployment I wrote him a series of, um, risque stories, and now he is more convinced then ever.

He has spent every moment that we've been together the past weekend trying to get me to start a blog. He thinks that by writing every day, I'll get in the habit. And then at some point I would be able to just shift it to something I can actually make money doing.

Ummmm. I guess he's forgotten that I already told him that I was starting a blog. He must not remember telling me that I should do what I want and that he didn't want to read it. He probably assumed that I would just never get around to it. That would be pretty typical of me.

I haven't actually said that I've already been blogging, but I haven't said I haven't either. I guess I have a choice now. I can tell him that I have a blog, but that I prefer he not read it. He'd respect that. Or I can scrub this one of any non-husband friendly content (anything having to do with sex) and let him read it. Or I guess I could even start another blog just for his consumption.

I think I'll stick with the first choice. Maybe I'll actually have to start writing a book, just to throw him off the scent.

I spent this entire weekend working on his paper, and my mind is complete mush. Seriously. Absolute mush. Can you tell? And he wants me to be entertaining and witty for the masses. As he would say, not gonna happen my friend.

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