Sunday, April 18, 2004

Oh! So this is why I blog.

I am in a bad mood. A pissy, cranky, spewing pea soup kind of bad mood. A Wicked Witch of the West meets Heathers kind of bad mood. The kind of mood that makes my children run to their rooms to play and sends my husband off to the office. But I don't have any real reason to be in a bad mood.

But, let me tell you. If I have to spend one more precious weekend afternoon at a kid's birthday party, where the mother thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite 20 or 40 kids to a gymnastics place, or Chuck-E-Cheeses, or an arcade...well, I will have to...I don't know. Someone please provide me with a drastic solution. Today's party featured at least 30 kids at a bowling alley. My head is pounding.

But, I must admit. I got online, checked out the comments on my blog, and they made me smile. I linked through to all of my favorite blogs and they either made me smile, laugh out load (You've got to read Traveling Spotlight today!) or helped put things in perspective.

And that's it in a nutshell. I love to share. I'm a sharer.

And that Daddy for the Day position is still open, boys. It's been sunny and in the eighties here. The men in uniform are worth the plane ride alone. And it's only a quick three hour car trip to the Big D.

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