Friday, April 16, 2004

Girls, Boys, Plaid Skirts, and Pink Eye

I got an e-mail yesterday from the adorable Nicky of Ajax in the City fame. He seemed quite surprised that a girl (a girl!) had linked to his page. But you know, I always fit in better with the boys anyway. Especially cute, funny, sweet, wonderful boys like all of y'all.

(Please note that today's suck up quotient is high.)

I seem to have gender on the mind lately. Writing about my son reminded me of a quiz I took in college with a bunch of my friends. I think it was a Reader's Digest thing, but it was supposed to tell you if you thought like a man, a woman, or somewhere in between. My friends all came out somewhere between the middle and the totally woman side of the scale. I, apparently, think just like a man. They found this very amusing.

I think that maturing in an all-girl school helped shape who I am quite a bit. So many girls hated it, but I loved it. Not being defined by boys or my dating potential helped strengthen my already healthy self confidence. So when I was with boys, at work or with friends of friends, I think I radiated a strength that most teenage girls don't have. That's what my husband says anyway. Plus, girls who go to Catholic school and wear those little skirts are just irresistible to teenage boys.

So anyway...

I had to pick my daughter up from school today because she developed a case of pink eye. Now I can't seem to stop scratching at my eyes. The poor thing. She cried all the way home because she was missing out on all the fun at school. So I gave her cookies. Isn't that what a good mother does?

And I'm sad for her. I found out today that next Friday is Dad's Day at school. There is no way my husband is going to be able to get off of work to go be with her. These are the times when I don't like being a military family. So if any of you male types would like to be a Daddy for a day, you just let me know. Dallas is only three hours away!

**Hey David! Notice the comma in the title just for you.

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