Saturday, April 17, 2004

One Month Down

I can't believe I've been blogging here for one month, especially because it feels like years. I'm such a newbie, but you guys have been so great. I had no idea that blogging would be such a release to me.

In honor of my one month blogiversary, here is a conversation between my husband and I.

Me: What would you think if I started a blog.

Him: Why would you want to do that?

Me: I don't know. It's good for writing.

Him: You should do what you want, just don't talk about the military or me.

Me: Are you serious?

Him: Yup.

Me: Well, honey, that leaves me with nothing to talk about.

So, you know...oops. By mutual agreement he doesn't read my blog. Good thing, huh? Notice he didn't mention sex. Or naked pictures.

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