Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Work It, Baby

I want so badly to have a funny little story to tell you today. But I got nothing. Natta. Not a single thing. I'm just not in a funny little mood.

Since editing my husband's paper (i.e. completely rewriting a paper on a topic that I have no clue about in order to make sure he doesn't come off sounding like a complete idiot) I can't seem to put a sentence together for myself. So today you get a Tuna List!

Jobs I've Had

1) Bookkeeper for a convenience store (I was 12)
2) Assistant to a wedding photographer (I was 14)
3) Cashier at a grocery store (This is where I met my husband...and the other 3 boys I slept with)
4) Customer Service Clerk at a grocery store (Where I once paged a Mr. Ben Dover on the intercom)
5) Secretary (On an Air Force Base, I was a spare secretary so the others could go to the bathroom)
6) Marketing Writer for a Grocery Chain (Best job I ever had...too bad it was an unpaid internship)
7) Marketing Manager for an Air Force Base (Quit because I was being treated like crap)
8) High School Softball Coach (A father almost decked me)
9) Real Estate Agent (Moved before I ever made a sale)
10) Sales Associate at a mall store (You can see I was heading up!)
11) Director of Marketing for a SCUBA Magazine (Free SCUBA lessons, got paid less than at the mall)
12) Fitness Counselor at a women's gym (Great at the fitness stuff, awful at the sales stuff)
13) Substitute Teacher (Junior High and High School, while I was pregnant...7th graders are the devil)
14) Freelance Writer (Clients suck, money's wonderful...quit when I got pregnant again)
15) Stay-at-home mother (The toughest job you'll ever love)

That's a lot of jobs for a 30-year-old to have had! That's what it's like when you're a military wife. But I'll never work again so I can't complain.

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