Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Gospel According to the Tuna Girl

I was gazing out my kitchen window this morning, while my husband and kids were making pancakes. I noticed that all of my neighbors were out, most likely gone to church. And I had the overwhelming desire to tell my husband, "I'm glad I married you." So I did.

He, of course, asked why, and my answer was, "because you get me."

I think this is really what it is all about. To find the one person out there who "gets you."

Because this morning, while all our "saved" neighbors were running off to church, we were in the one place we wanted to be. We were home and together. My husband was half a planet away for the last two Easters. We are not religious people. So we spent the day hunting eggs, making breakfast together, and worshiping at the alter of Disney.

We figured while everyone else was in church, we'd take the kids to the movies. We saw Home on the Range and the kids loved it. I thought it was mediocre at best but I enjoyed watching the kids. I had to laugh though. All the blogger folks I read are jetting around seeing everything from Avenue Q to Auntie Mame. And I get to sit through a boring Disney movie. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Tonight we'll probably order pizza and we'll definitely watch the Bruins. Because we get each other and we know that being together and doing the things that we enjoy is all we really need out of life.

No matter what your beliefs, I hope you were all able to enjoy the day with someone who gets you. And if you weren't, know that there is one happy woman out on the bayou who has been there, who knows how it feels to be alone, and who is certain that it gets better.

Happy Easter everyone! And as my two-year-old says, "Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce..."

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