Monday, March 28, 2005


TunaDaughter: Hey, buddy! What are you going to get me for my birthday?
TunaSon: I don't know. *pause* A Bratz doll.
TD: A Bratz doll?
TS: Yeah. A Bratz doll.
TD: I don't know about that, Buddy. Mom might throw it away.
TS: Why?
TD: Because we're not allowed to have Bratz. Mommy says they only care about make-up and clothes.
TS: So?
TD: So I don't think Mom would let me have one.
TS: So. It's your birthday. You can have whatever you want.
TD: Yeah. You're right!
TS: Yeah!
TD: Yeah!
TS: Yeah!
TD: Maybe I'll even have a Bratz party!
TS: Yeah!
TD: Yeah!
TS: Yeah! *pause* You ask Mommy.

Ah! What a classic set-up. The youngest sibling strikes again.

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