Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What have I become?

Wow. The blog has been a little sappy lately, huh? Well, it's heartfelt sap, and it's a pretty true representation of how I feel right now.

But I think it's time to get back to the basics here on Tuna Girl.

You know those tan minivans that you see, with the yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnets and the cutesy vanity license plates? Yeah.

I drove one of those last week.

You know those people who push their kids around a store in a cart while incessantly chattering on a cell phone? Yeah.

That was me yesterday.

You know those people who buy their kids toys and Pop-Tarts just to keep them quiet so they can keep chattering incessantly on a cell phone. Ayup.

That was me yesterday too.

And worst of all, you know those people who can't think of anything interesting to post to their blog, so they post pictures of really hot nearly naked men? Hell yeah.

That's me right now.

Oh dear lord! What have I become?

I blame the van on my parents, since it was theirs.

I blame the cell phone chattering on the person with whom I was conversing.

I blame the spoiled kid on my parents, too.

And I blame the posting of shallow pictures of hot men on my husband. If he were here, my hormones would be getting their proper exercise.

What, oh, what have I become? Don't you just hate people like me?

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