Sunday, November 28, 2004

Boring Mom-type Post. Read at your own risk.

We took the kids to the local minor league hockey game last night.

My husband drove his own car so that he and my daughter could stay for public skating after the game.

As we were driving, the kids were singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. And they sang one line like this:

Up above the world so high.
Like a gas ball in the sky.

What the?

Where the heck did they learn that? I mean, sure. It's scientifically correct and all, but diamonds, man. I need diamonds in my kids' songs. I'm all about the diamonds.

What the heck are they teaching at that school?


When we got to the game we found out that our seats were actually in a corporate box. Our financial advisor had given us the tickets. It was a big box with maybe thirty seats, but we were the only ones there. It was nice. Very nice.

We've decided that we are box seat people living on a mezzanine income.


I may have mentioned before that my son loves trains. Especially Thomas the Tank Engine.

When we were driving home tonight, just as we pulled up to the base gates we were stopped at the train crossing.

It seems like a million freight trains go by there everyday. But this was a passenger train. And a fancy one too. After about a dozen passenger cars came cars all decked out for Christmas. There were even engines painted like Thomas characters. There were reindeer in a stable car and a candy cane caboose.

My son was in two-year-old heaven. I've never seen him so excited. We had to call Grandma and Grandpa just to tell them about it.

I love unexpected things like that. They can be so magical to kids. And it is a real gift to be able to enjoy them through a kid's eyes.

I'm in such a Christmas mood this year.

Now if only our 8' tall snowman would stay inflated, I'd be all set for holiday cheer.

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