Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The hits just keep on coming!

If you scare easily, you may not want to read my blog today.

Still here. Good. Because before I begin today's actual post, I want to thank a couple of people.

First, my husband. He puts up with a lot. (But don't be fooled. He dishes out a lot too.) But on this most sacred of days (and by that I mean the day of the month when I'm most likely to commit mayhem) he took it upon himself to try and make me feel better.

His sure-fire way to my heart is to do housework. He really did quite a lot. And I vacillated between thanking him and yelling at him for not doing things right. I really do appreciate all your work, Honey. But the next time you dump a clean pile of laundry on the floor next to my side of the bed, I may use that laundry to suffocate you as you sleep.

And Secondly, I'd like to thank my dear friend who called yesterday at the most opportune time. I was sitting in the waiting room at music class, doing my best to keep AH from seeing my hatred for her burning in my eyes, when my phone rang. Oh thank the good lord! Salvation. I stepped outside and escaped (and laughed) until I had to meet my daughter. Thank you dear friend. You may have saved someone's life.

As the mothers convened with the daughters in the music classroom, and while the teacher was explaining the next week's homework, AH decided to drop a bomb on me.

AH: I don't know if I told you at the party last week but *mumble mumble* pregnant.
Me: Who's pregnant?
AH: We are.
Me: *shocked silence*
AH: Yeah, and I'm really feeling awful this week, what with my two-year-old being so awful.
Me: Oh, well, congratulations. I guess it's taking a minute to sink in. How far are you?
AH: Almost eight weeks. We're due in June.
Me: That's a nice time of year. Summer babies are healthier too.
AH: Yeah. I wanted to have a summer baby so she could have pool parties for her birthdays. My oldest always wants to have a pool party (in January) so I figure this way she can just have her party for her baby sister. Isn't it awful to plan a baby around a birthday party?
Me: Har har. Uh huh.

Does this strike anyone else as terrible?

Add to that the fact that her husband didn't want any more kids. He even had a consult for a vasectomy.

Add to that the fact that her life revolves around her oldest daughter. This little girl is her mother's clone. And she makes all of the family's decisions. Like where to vacation, where to live, what house to buy, what color to paint a room, when to have parties, and (I strongly suspect) whether or not to have another baby. She's five.

AH even told me, "Well, my oldest really wants another baby, so we're thinking three might be good. Then we'll see if she wants anymore after that."

OH! And add to that the fact that her two-year-old is a real challenge to her (and so emotionally ignored). Now she'll be a middle child. I see a large therapy bill in her future.

Argh! This is the one thing my husband and I have been gossiping about since last night. My husband said, "Whatever. I think they made some bad choices but I don't have to deal with it."

And I replied, "But I do! Because she's insinuated herself into every aspect of my life!"

I hope they have a boy.

Okay, so I'm breaking the cardinal rule of blogging and talking about people you could care a less about. But let me tell you, the way I feel right now, it's blog it or scream it. And I know nobody wants me to strain my voice.

Oh hey! You know what's better than chocolate for PMS? Shopping. I bought a new table runner. You can stop feeling bad for me now.

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