Thursday, November 04, 2004

Squeeze and Release

I can write one of two posts today.

I can either write a post that vacillates between morose and proud. A classic military wife post full of angst and subconsciously begging for sympathy.

Or I can write about a telephone conversation that I had that involves sex and way more information about me than you ever wanted to know.

Hmmm. What to write? What to write? Angst or sex? Domesticity or TMI?

Anyone, anyone?

Yeah. I'm thinking sex sells and I can be all morose tomorrow. I can also retaliate against Patrick for claiming to be the most reserved of our little blog group. GUFFAW.

So what happens when you get two people who will say absolutely anything and have no filters or boundaries on the phone? You get a straight women talking to a gay man about his gynecologist.

(This is highly paraphrased to spare you gentle readers.)

Patrick: The best doctor I ever went to was a gynecologist. He could obviously only treat so much but his bed-side manner was excellent.

Tuna Girl: Listen to this. After I had my son I went in for my eight-week check-up and my gynecologist told me that I was the tightest patient she'd ever seen. She wanted to know if I did Kegals.

Patrick: (laughing at me) I guess your husband is one lucky man.

Tuna Girl: You guess? Have you read my blog? He's not only lucky because of that.

Patrick: Very true.

Tee hee. Sorry Patrick, but it cracked me up. And I thank you for allowing me to use our phone conversation to distract me from that morose, angsty thing I don't feel like blogging about yet.

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