Saturday, November 20, 2004

Making The Case

Ladies and Gentleman of the jury (that's you Tuna readers!), I am placing my fate in your hands...well in your keyboards. You get to determine if I am guilty.

If you find me guilty, I will live by your rules and do the shot of your choice in NYC(on camera), in the presence of TunaGirl. If you find me innocent, TunaGirl will drink the shot of your choice in NYC on camera. (I'm all about the win-win solutions).

So...Ladies, gentlemen, and queens of the jury, I ask you. Am I guilty for going too far? Here are the facts of the case:

Three days before Mrs. Fish went for her surgery, she asked that I guest blog for her, which I was more than happy to do. She then announced to all of you that I would be guest blogging.

In the meantime, I've arranged for a guest blogger. Yay! I love guest bloggers. Especially when they're good friends.

Patrick has graciously agreed to inflict his brand of humor on my humble little blog. I'd try to lay some ground rules, but everyone just ignores me anyway. I'm sure Patrick will have one or two jokes to share about all the oral sex my husband won't be getting. And I can almost guarantee some mention of my rack.

Man. I may live to regret this.

As you can see from her own words, she decided to NOT LAY ANY GROUND RULES. Yes...No rules.

Now I ask you Tuna readers to find an area where I mention the the Tuna tits? In fact, I neglected to mention the Tuna rack (although it is legendary) over the entire week.

As for oral sex jokes...well I just don't find oral sex a lauging matter. Giving oral sex is a very serious work and I like working. Ask around!

So most loyal, intelligent, and fair minded I guilty?

Thank you, and I hope to see you all over in my neck of the woods at The Traveling Spotlight

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