Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Has anyone else noticed how many bloggers are talking about change right now?

I've never thought of November as a time for renewal and change. In fact, most people seem to coast through November and December in a fog of holiday gluttony and procrastination, just waiting for the excuse of the New Year to make resolutions.

I may be a little slow, but it finally hit me. A presidential election could certainly stir up feelings of renewal or desperate attempts to make things right.

I'm not immune. In fact, this November the Tuna Girl will have a whole new face. You can't get much more changed than that. And the Tuna Family just may be getting a new addition.

No not a baby. Though it would have been fun to leave you guys with that impression. We're on the search for a female Maltese puppy. I was undecided about getting a new pet for months. But now, I'm excited. I can't wait to find the right cutey-wootey-bundle-of-wuv and bring her home.

And I think I'm nesting. Because I started with the kitchen last night and I am purging the crap out of my house like nobody's business.

I'm so sick of my surroundings. I need renewal!

New haircut. New face. New pet. New decor.

Now all I need are some new friends.


Speaking of new friends, one month from today I will be in New York City.

if I haven't yet tried to convince you to meet me there, it's only because I haven't gotten to you yet.

So go! Out-of-towners have one month to plan, and NYCers have one month to prepare. You may need every second of that time to prepare for the combination of him, him, and (especially) him.

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