Monday, December 06, 2004

Back home and...

My family has this little tradition. Every time we come home from a trip, when we pull into our driveway, we all intone, "Back home and broke."

But last night, I came home with a wallet full of money. I had to force those guys to let me pay for my own food. And it may have only been because they were trying to get me drunk enough to dance on tables, but I didn't buy myself a drink the entire time I was in New York.

I had an amazing time. An absolute blast. Everyone I met far exceeded my expectations. Everyone was nicer, sweeter, funnier, and more fun than I could have imagined. And cute too. I was just amazed at how very nice-looking everyone was. All those blogger pictures floating around on the web just don't do those guys justice.

Pictures? Pictures? Did someone say pictures? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pictures, pictures, pictures. That's all anyone wants. I actually took very few. I was just too busy having fun and getting my picture taken like a million times.

Here are mine.

There are tons more (and better) ones out there. Start with Aaron and go from there. He has some. He has one of me that I actually like. Who else?

I'm sort of overwhelmed with blog fodder at the moment. And the hubby is home for lunch. So look for more from me later.

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