Monday, December 27, 2004

Kissing the Ground

I'm back home.

Oh thank the good lord god and all that is holy.

Because when I flew out of here 10 days ago, I didn't go back home, I went back in time!

In fact, at one point I was standing in front of the mirror in my mother's black and gold decorated bathroom, curling my hair, and I just had to call out to my husband, "Hey! Come here. Look at me. This is what I looked like before every date we had in high school. I've gone back in friggin' time."

I don't really have much to say about my trip except that I am glad that it is over. Too much family in too small of a space over too long a period of time is just a recipe for frustration. Add to that my painful teeth and an extended family who has no sympathy, and I actually cried one night because I wanted to be home so badly.

But a lot has happened in my absence.

My son turned three years old. And you know what that means! Another birth story. Ooh! Ooh! I bet you can't wait for the gruesome details.

My blog also slid right past its 20,000 visitor. Which is quite cool.

And speaking of my blog and visitors, well, I know I say it from time to time, but you guys are the best. Four of you even cared enough to take the time to write guest entries. I'm flabbergasted. (Oh hell. I'm talking like my damned father.) By the way, I know who they all are, and I could totally guess who they were from what they wrote.

I try really hard not to get too sappy in my blog. (Yeah, yeah. I know. Believe it or not, I actually hold back a lot of sap!) But I can't help it now.

In the few short months that we've been getting to know each other, Patrick has become one of my all-time best friends. I like to tease him that I know his secret. He has a gooey, marshmallow center. But the truth is that anyone who has met Patrick, or even knows him through his blog can tell that he has a friggin' gigantic heart.

Patrick has become someone that I can turn to to share the good and the bad, and I only hope that I am there for him as well. I also like to tease him that he is so very pop-u-lar, so the fact that he has taken the time to be my friend is very much appreciated.

And my husband appreciates him too, because when I'm in a bad mood, Patrick can turn me around with one phone call. And that saves the Tuna Man from having to deal with a cranky me.

So Merry Christmas my friend! Thank you for guest blogging for me. I love you.

And the hubby says that your ass kicking is in the mail.

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