Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tuna Girl Drinks Like a Fish

First things first. I know how you are. Patrick has some more pictures up.

Between MAK, Aaron, and Patrick (if you like a little tongue in your cheek) you probably all know how I spent my day Saturday. But let me put my unique, girly spin on it, huh?

If you're going to visit a tourist-filled city for the first time, it is best to do it with a couple of locals. between MAK and Aaron I never felt lost (or hungry). I never actually knew where I was relative to anything else, but I could just follow along like a little baby duck after her mamma. Quack, quack.

I woke up pretty early on Saturday and took the longest shower of my life. Showers are something you all probably take for granted. But not me. There are days I never even get near my shower. To be able to stand in that spray with no responsibilities was heavenly.

MAK and Patrick fetched me from my hotel and we headed off to brunch and my first NYC subway ride. Which was the same as every Boston T ride I've ever taken. We walked about for a while and took some pictures. If I broke out my camera every time one of those guys was on the phone, I'd have a whole album filled with pictures. They're so popular.

MAK kept asking me what I wanted to see in New York, and the truth is that all I wanted to see were people. I was just enjoying soaking up the ambiance that is New York and spending time with my friends.

We ended up relaxing in this little place with the best dessert ever. Between scrambled eggs at brunch and my black and white chocolate mousse cake, I ate better in New York than I have since my surgery. And I still managed to lose two more pounds. Jealous?

We headed back to catch Avenue Q where I learned that anyone could have used my name to pick up our tickets. You'd think they'd check your identification.

Apart from meeting everyone, Avenue Q was the highlight of my trip. It was just too brilliant to explain. I told my husband that we're going to have to leave the kids with my parents and drive down to NYC to see it before the original cast moves on. By the time we left the theater, my cheeks were bleeding from laughing so much. It was fun to hear Patrick and MAK laugh like that too.

We did more tourist stuff then, and took more pictures. The guys got even more phone calls and this time The Executive and Hot Toddy were looking to meet up for pre-drinking drinks. As we were walking toward the bar we happened to see Toddy in a coffee shop window. Well, the guys spotted him. I was completely oblivious. Toddy can be hard to spot, what with being so diminutive and wearing a shirt with his blog name on it and all.

At the bar, MAK bought me another raspberry stoli and ginger ale. But I think they may have slipped some actual alcohol into this one because I had to chug water after just one sip. Open wounds in my mouth, plus potent alcohol, equals fiery pain. I need to stick to my girly drinks. So someone bought me some Evian.

I'm glad I was sober though, because I met a few more people, including Jess and Marc. At least they got to see what I was really like before the giggling started.

By this point I was starving. MAK, poor sleepy baby, headed back home for some rest and Aaron took over Tuna babysitting duties.

Patrick, Aaron and I walked over to a noodle shop. Their entrees were immense, and I enjoyed some egg drop soup. We hung out there for a while just talking and getting to know one another. Of course, eating out with me means a forced leisurely pace no matter what. But getting to know those guys like that was truly a gift.

We decided to walk back through Times Square for some photo ops and a quick stop at my hotel to pee before heading to Therapy.

And what can I say about that. Well, first let me start by saying that it was so fun to meet everyone. I think I managed to at least say hello to everyone. Someone needs to make a comprehensive list of who was there. I think I remember everyone but I don't want to leave anyone out.

Second, let me say that we're all a bunch of freaks. But in a good way. Someone would be introduced and the first question asked of them was, "Who are you?" or "What's your blog?" We're a unique breed I tell you.

Patrick later told me that he was proud that I got drunk. But I wouldn't say I was drunk. I wasn't sober either, but I wasn't weaving around making bad decisions drunk.

So, lastly, let me say that I swear I am not normally that giggly.

If you look at the pictures from this weekend, you can see how I am steadily getting more and more tired. We packed a lot into just a couple of days and I was wiped out.

Aaron and Patrick walked me back to my hotel. Or, well, Aaron and I walked Patrick back to my hotel. I had flash backs of college when I was always the most sober and would walk the cadets back to their rooms. At least I didn't have to pick Patrick up off the ground or peel him out of a snow bank. Actually, he was just really friendly. Really friendly.

Okay, so he may have accosted the tourists in the elevator. As the tourists and I (me and my two male escorts) were all getting off at the same floor, the English woman called out, "Have a fun night. I hope your room isn't near ours. Don't be too loud!" I'm sure I have quite the reputation at that hotel.

After doing my mom-thing and making sure everyone had a safe place to sleep that night, I pretty much passed out.

I have a couple more stories about the brief time I spent with the guys in the morning. But they'll keep one more day.

And then I'll be done with talking about the New York stuff. I promise.

The truth is that I'm feeling pretty down and my New York story is at least keeping you from having to read my hormone-driven angst.


More tomorrow...

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