Monday, December 20, 2004

Tuna Menace!

What's better than an original movie, but a tuna sequel? Guest Tuna Blogging, the Tunapet Menace! Since TunaGirl is off visiting her family, and very busy, she's asked for a little guest blogging. Now before you think that she is having a great time, she actually asked that I trade lives with her. She will work my last two weeks at my job and I'll get to play with the Tuna Husband and Tuna Kids while visiting the Tuna Inlaws. Hmmm...maybe not.

That being said...I'd thought it would be fun if you all were the guest bloggers and she had to figure who wrote what. So if you email me a guest posting at my address of (first come, first served...or is it the other way around?) I'll make sure to post your entry, and let her guess who posted what.

This first guest post, comes from a blogger under her daily reads column.

Something Fishy this way comes…

Is she really the Tunaslut she tries to portray herself
as? Is she really THAT good at Tunablowjobs? Does she
really have an arsenal of Tunaleather and Tunatoys tucked
away under her Tunabed to enhance the Tunaforeplay?

Does the nickname Tunagirl really have to do with the area
of a woman’s privates that have eluded so many of her
readers? Or does she just really love tuna to the point
of an obsession and is using that as an excuse?

We love the Tunagirl with all her quirks. Her
Tunasarcasm. Her Tunaprementrualsymdrom. Her Tunawit and
charm. Her Tunatenderheart.

Will the Tunagirl one day become the Tunawoman? Her
tunachildren will grow up and swim away to Tunacollege and
her Tunaman will retire from Tuna-armed forces and they will live
happily ever after in Tunaresthomes.

But we all have to wonder, what will happen to Tunapet?

I'm sure he'll be tunaneutered.

So...who wrote this?

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