Friday, December 24, 2004

A Christmas Story!

'Twas the night before Christmas
and in Tuna's home on the base,
The TunaPet decided,
"It's time to gay up this damn place!"

He took down the stockings hung by TunaGirl with care,
and replaced them with jock straps and 2xist underwear!
"Those stockings were cute, but slightly out of fashion,
Once the Tuna Hubby puts this jock on, Tuna will be full of Passion!"

He went through their closets,
his mouth all aghast,
"Girl get yourself shopping!...
your wardrobe is so Christmas past!"

When outside the front door, came such a loud noise,
TunaPet opened the door to see the Fab 5 boys!

Ted Allen took over the kitchen right away,
One look in the fridge and all he could say,
"She let her kids drink juice?" he said with a face,
"Some parents would chastise and call her a disgrace".

Carson shrieked from the boudoir,
as I badly put this in prose,
"Oh the humanity!
Have you seen this man's clothes?"

I motioned to Thom,
the living room is there
Give it more color,
but they have kids...Allow for wear and tear.

Young Jai Rodriquez just stood by
He pouted and looked blue.
Please take no offense," I said,
"but what the hell do you do?"

Kyan looked into my eyes,
"Tunapet? How can I please"
"Oh don't worry baby,
just drop to your knees"

The men worked through the night,
and Kyan's jaw was sore,
The house completely remade,
and "whose TunaPet's little whore?"

The boys left quietly
out the window of the den.
Off to the barracks,
to snag some military men.

The house was immaculate,
so merry and gay.
Strict to a color scheme,
pristine for Christmas day.

The TunaPet slept by the fire and it's heat
Knowing full well
that when Tuna Hubby reads this...
TunaPet is dead meat!

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