Thursday, February 24, 2005

Geeks, Gifts, and Gays

Have you guys seen those commercials for the Geek Squad? They provide the tech support at my local Best Buy.

Is it wrong that I find this one particular geek to be really hot? I mean, geeks aren't usually my thing, except for you geeks, of course.

I wonder if I was sending out an I'd-do-you vibe, because he totally hooked me up with a brand new monitor. It's a sweet deal because I even get a $50 rebate that I don't really deserve.

And now I can see my own blog the way it was meant to be seen again. Thank goodness.


My husband sent me a dozen roses yesterday. From the desert. Well, they didn't come from the desert. He ordered them online from FTD. But still.

Do you think he scored some major points? Damn right, he did.

Why did he send me roses? Because I've been sick. I've been really, really sick, but I've been ignoring it here on the blog. In fact, I've been ignoring it in life too.

When you are a stay-at-home mother with kids who don't go to daycare and a husband who is very far away, there isn't a lot you can do about being sick. It's not like I can crawl into bed and wait it out.

*cough cough* Feel bad for me yet? No? *sniff sniff* Now? *hack hack* Here's some flem I chocked up. How about now?


I've found all the local gays. They are hanging out at the Starbucks.

It's funny because I'm always telling people that we don't even have a Starbucks here. It had totally slipped my mind that there is one at the Barnes & Noble. In fact, they have Starbucks stands in the Albertsons and Target too.

Before my husband left, we visited the Barnes & Noble on a frigid day. I decided to get something hot to drink and discovered the joy of Godiva Hot Chocolate. I am a Godiva kind of girl.

Last weekend I was waiting in line with the kids for my Godiva fix when my humble straight-girl-gaydar started going off over the guy in front of me. And then the guy in front of him. And then the couple at the table near the counter. And then the group of guys at the table near the door.

Holy Moses. I've finally found them all. I guess with the lack of a gayborhood or any gay establishments, the locals find themselves in the relatively enlightened surroundings of the Starbucks Cafe.

I feel better now. I was afraid they were all kidnapped by "Marriage=*stick figure man*+*stick figure woman* (with the illegitimate *stick figure child* at their feet)" bumper stickered assholes.

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