Sunday, February 06, 2005


Today, I used the word godspeed in a comment over at his blog.

As soon as I hit publish, I thought to myself, that was a stupid thing to say. I sound like a religious fanatic. Which I am clearly not. Despite CB's best attempts and many forwarded E-mails.

But godspeed is the traditional military farewell. When someone leaves for a new job or retires, we do not say, "Good luck," or even, "Best wishes." We say, "Godspeed!"

According to, godspeed is defined as, "Success; prosperous journeying".

I kind of like that. Because no matter what changes we are making in our lives, it is always part of a journey. We don't really need luck or best wishes. We need to prosper as we move through the steps and challenges of a journey through life.

And even what seem to be negative changes are part of the journey. Everything that happens to us is directing us somewhere in life. As long as we get to a place that we find "successful" then the journey is worth the challenge. As hard as it may sometimes be.

As stagnant as I feel right now, I suppose I am still on a journey in life. My husband reminded me of this last night when he said, "You still have almost three months until I come home." He thinks I should use the time to write a book. I'd like to stick to my original goals of getting in shape and getting my life organized.

But if every journey begins with one single step, than I better get my walking shoes on and get my butt out the door. Because my body isn't going to magically transform itself. And my house and life aren't going to spontaneously arrange themselves to fit my needs.

I need to do it. I need to get busy. I need to start the journey.

So godspeed to me! And godspeed to you, my friends. May your journey, no matter your destination, be prosperous and filled with love.

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