Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Cruise is On

I'm going on a cruise.  I don't even now where we're cruising, but I know that we're leaving New Orleans on October 9.  There will be five of us in a super-deluxe suite.  I'll be taking my iPod (thanks to Jeff's suggestion) and a stack of books.  If worse comes to worse, I can spend the whole cruise plopped in a lounge chair on our deck.

It turns out that none of the four friends really know each other.  The only thing any of us have in common is CB.  This should be very interesting.

Now I can get excited!  Woo Hoo!  I need to go to the gym.  I need to get an air brush tan.  I need to get a bikini wax.  I need new clothes.

The girl who is doing all the planning thought that my husband was going to surprise me with the cruise.  Between that, and the proposal story I just told, I have finally come to accept that I will never ever ever get a big romantic gesture out of my husband.  He's just not that type of guy.

Which is why I treasure the little things, like the whispered, "I love you," that comes out of nowhere.  After his graduation this June, when everyone else was shaking hands, he pulled me close and whispered, "Thank you," in my ear.  Oh swoon.  How sweet is that?

Surprise or not, it's still pretty sweet that he's taking time off work so that I can get a few days vacation.  He always has to make some comment to ruin his sweet factor though.

Him:  I'm actually looking forward to being a full time dad for a week.
Me:  Yeah.  And you get a break from me too.
Him:  I don't need a break from you, unless...well...let's see if we can schedule it during your PMS, huh?

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